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Staying Bright 
Light Of Life is a brand meant to spread the Love and Light we need in our world today. Knowing how much darkness there is in our life today, it should be known there will always be a light found no matter how deep the tunnel is. No matter the situation everyone has an opportunity. Are you ready to capitalize on the experience of this


Wild Nature


"WRLD OF LIGHT" is a brand that embodies the essence of "Light of Life" in every way. As the name suggests, it represents a world of endless possibilities and boundless potential, all guided by the eternal light of love. Through its products and ethos, WRLD OF LIGHT seeks to inspire and empower individuals to embrace their own inner light and share it with others, fostering deep and meaningful connections with those around them. Whether through fashion, art, or other forms of creative expression, WRLD OF LIGHT invites us all to embrace the light of life and create a more Brighter world together.

About Light of Life

Light of Life was a simple yet big idea I had. A projection if you will. Assigned a project to create your own t-shirt and logo. I found this as an opportunity to capitalize on my capabilities. The best part about this one life you have. Your future has not been written yet as you are the author.

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