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Staying Bright: Light Of Life is a brand that aims to spread love and light in today's world. We believe that no matter how dark the tunnel may seem, there is always a light at the end of it. Everyone has an opportunity to shine their light and express their true selves with our apparel. Are you ready to capitalize on the experience of this life?

Wild Nature


At Light of Life, we believe in promoting positivity through our simple yet meaningful clothing. Our brand encourages you to be yourself and shine your light, even in a world filled with negativity. Our clothes are designed to help you thrive with your divine spark and fulfill your soul's purpose every day. With our brand, you can stay bright and embody the essence of positivity naturally.

About Light of Life

Light of Life was a simple yet big idea I had. Assigned a project to create your own t-shirt and logo. I found this as an opportunity to capitalize on my capabilities. The best part about this one life you have, Your future has not been written yet as you are the author. I shined my light now join me in my fashion journey as we light the world with positivity together. 

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